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photo photos heroines photo Denise: Hunts Point, Bronx junior swimwear

heroines photo Denise: Hunts Point, Bronx junior swimwear
\"Hunts Point, its a world of its own. Its got everything right here, mostly bad. Like a vacuum cleaner it will suck you up and spit you out.\" Denise, 47, started using drugs at 14, after her parents broke up. At 16 she was using cocaine, 20 crack, and 32 heroine. She has been walking the streets since age of 20. \"I guess I got the addiction gene.\" Clean for five years, she has recently fallen back into drugs and sex work. \"I don\'t think I have hit bottom yet, cause I am still out here. Still I like to smile, thats who I am.\" Raped many times, she chooses not to think about her safety \"if you think about it, you just take your shit home with you.\" \"We ain\'t bad people, us addicts, we just made bad choices.\" More on Addiction: .flickr/photos/arnade/sets/72157627894114489/\"Faces of Addiction More Bronx photos here: .flickr/photos/arnade/sets/72157625731753346/\"Bronx
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